Is too much exercise bad?

How much exercise is good for you? This is a question often floated around physical exercise activities. There is no universal measure of the amount of exercise one can do. This is because everyone is unique. Some people will be good with two or more hours of exercise while others can only take it as far as half an hour. Now, do you see why we cannot rightly quantify the amount exercise that is too much or not to everybody?

Recent studies on physical exercise have established that, though, with good intentions, those who do more than two hours of exercise are doing more harm to their bodies and health.

Is too much exercise bad? Unfortunately, it is a resounding YES for this question. How bad is too much exercise? The discussion
in this post will laid down for you.

A weakened immunity

2Of course, I know you were told or read that exercise help improve your immunity. That is still true but only to a certain degree. During physical activities, adrenal glands release cortisol. This is a hormone known to stimulate the production of glucose and the breakdown of proteins. This far is good.

More of cortisol suppresses your immunity by leaving your body in flight-and-fight mode. As you exercise, your body does not easily recover from this thus your immunity pays the ultimate price. You will easily face the fall from small ailments.

Increased risk of mental illness

It may be beneficial to hit the gym every day. But in the long run, you are putting your mental health at great risk. Too much exercise results into “overtraining syndrome.” Therefore, those who do much exercise show the same symptoms as those suffering from clinical depression. You will show symptoms for low motivation, ease of irritation and insomnia.

In a study done at the Technical University of Munich, lack of adequate time to recover from exercise stress and injuries lead top 20% increased risks of depression among young athletes.

Prone to injuries

Depending on what you do, some physical activities will increase your chances for injuries. For instance, exercises that demand you to bend your back for long will cause backaches. If you have to squat for long, your knee joints will be exposed to immense pressure and stress. The last thing you would want is exercise-related injuries; they can put you down for long.

Weak bones

3If you tend to do too much exercise, be prepared to deal with weak bones. While the production of cortisol may be beneficial to some extent, it is doubly harmful to your bones. Cortisol means a lot of tissue in your muscles is broken down. Your body is left under massive pressure and
stress. In such a situation, your bones are left bare and at high risk of fractures and breakages.

Now that you know too much exercise is harmful to your body and health, it is time you train responsibly. Do not spend countless hours in the gym. If you want to try new exercises, you had better seek advice from a physical therapist. Always stay within the accepted limits of physical
activity and you reap the benefits.