Health Benefits of Lemon Tea

How regularly do you have lemon tea? If you have it frequently, then you are the luckiest person in the world since lemon tea has significant benefits when it comes to health. It’s well known for body cleansing from inside, energizes and refreshes you. If you would want to learn more about health benefits of lemon tea then below we have listed some points that will be of help to you.

Treatment of Cold and Flu

lemons and gingerIt helps in relieving flu and cold symptoms. If you have a cold and flu, to help yourself out, you can add ginger in your tea and drink it for three to four times every day.

It will boost your immune system and relief you from a sore throat. It makes the mucus in your throat thin and soothes your throat.


Digestive Health

Lemon tea helps in calming the digestive problem. It removes all waste products and toxins and makes your body to use a lot of beneficial substances that are available in it. Lemon has citric acid that aids to dissolve kidney stones and help in digestion. It’s as well as ascorbic acid that has antioxidants which prevent scurvy.

Improves Insulin Activity

We all need insulin in our body for conversion of sugar or glucose to energy. Lemon tea has been identified to help increase the activity of insulin. You cannot survive without insulin in your body so intake of lemon tea can be of great benefit.

Benefits for Skin

You already know the importance of vitamin C for your skin. Lemon tea has functional properties that aid in reducing acne and all other skin problem internally. Therefore, when you drink lemon tea, it will help you get rid of acne and variety of skin complications.

Treat Surgical Swelling

sliced lemonsThese are standard conditions that are caused by dead cells of fat, pooled fluid blood and injections. Fluids are accumulated inside your body tissues, leading to discomfort and a lot of pain. You are recommended to drink lemon tea to relieve the condition. Lemon tea also helps to eliminate toxic causes of anesthesia and help relieve menstrual cycle pain in women.

Anti-Cancer Properties

Both lemon and tea has powerful properties of antioxidants. It’s attributed by the presence of a reasonable quantity of antioxidant vitamin C found in lemon and polyphenols found in tea. These antioxidants aid in the death of cells that are not healthy, prevent damage to healthy cells and also prevent cancerous cells from growing. Lemon tea helps to decrease chances of skin cancer as well as fighting breast, lung, colon and stomach and mouth diseases.