Foods To Eat During Pregnancy.

Pregnancy alters the chemistry of the body in strange and miraculous ways. Since you’re eating for two now, you might get hit with some rather odd food cravings that come out of the blue. Here are the top ten foods which will help to satisfy these yearnings, all while offering significant nutritional value.

Healthy foods


Fruits especially citrus type are good for you anytime since they contain a lot of vitamin C. Pregnant women might be content to spoon these straight out of the can, juice and all. This is a craving that’s on the healthier side, but be careful to take all things in moderation.

Red Meat

dfgrsdfWhile it’s not the best thing for your heart, in the long run, a craving for red meat can indicate a lack of iron in your diet. During pregnancy, your body becomes pretty effective at telling you which nutritional supplement you’re missing. Don’t ignore the signs.

Ice Cream

Craving sweets in a big way is something that’s usually reported among pregnant women. The need for extra sugar and fatty foods as the baby develops is a natural reaction to the body flooding itself with hormones, but it’s important not to go overboard with it.


Sour foods that include raw vegetables and pickles are a common addition to a pregnant woman’s diet. It’s usual for them to want to eat pickles in combination with other things that make for some unique food combinations, such as cheesecake.


The oil in fish contains a lot of healthy amino acids that are essential to the proper growth of the child, particularly in the early stages of pregnancy. Even women that can’t stand anchovies generally might feel the need to try them out when they’re carrying a baby.


Salt, within certain margins, is an essential part of just about anyone’s diet. Still, a pregnant woman is going to have unique dietary needs, and cravings for salty snacks are nearly inevitable. Just be careful, as too much sodium can slowly start to raise your blood pressure over time.

Heavily Spiced Foods

A lot of spices are high in calcium and other crucial minerals. Even smelling strongly spiced entrees from a distance can trigger the craving. Thai food may be a good way to satisfy it. Just be wary of side effects like heartburn!

Laundry Starch

This is an unusual one and is something that most women tend to give up not long after they give birth to their babies. While it may sound strange, it’s not unusual for women to sip a mix of laundry starch and water right out of the box. It’s perfectly safe, although you can gain a lot of weight from it.

Cheese Spread

ewdffvgcxThere’s a definite connection between the heightened nutritional needs of a pregnant woman’s body, and the cravings that they experience along the way. Many brands of cheese spread not only are dense in calories but also contain a lot of essential vitamins. This stuff goes well on sandwiches.